"It just shows you how important it is to represent everyone in our profession." (x)


I am thrilled to see this on my dash.  I’ve posted the link to this interview twice in the past and no one liked or reblogged it.  PLEASE WATCH IT - it’s such a wonderful interview.  Lupita had me and every woman on the panel in tears.  And Emma Thompson was RIGHTEOUS!  She kicked ass & mentioned my man, Joss.  Please humor me and watch the video.  Strong, amazing women - so good.

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99% of women who’ve ever had sex have used birth control at some point in their lives. Obviously there’s gotta be a lot of reasons why so many have joined the party―BuzzFeed asked 22 women for theirs. The answers are perfect. 

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July 6th- Kourtney leaving the Hamptons to head to NYC

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